We ship on Mondays and Thursdays. Shipping/purchase cutoff time on Monday and Thursday is 10:00 AM central standard time.

Missouri Sales Tax applies to all in-state sales at the rate of 8.350%


When we measure our parts we burn an inch on the tape measure. For those of you that don’t know what that means (start at the 1 inch mark not the metal end for a more precise measurement).

Parts are compatible with the manufacturer listed in the title.

All parts may require minor fitting for installment.

The parts we list for sale are Aftermarket parts.


Please measure your stock and compare your measurements to our measurements in the listing to make sure the buttplate will fit your Buttstock. If the buttplate is not perfect on the measurements you will have to have the buttplate refit and resized to your stocks dimensions. All of our buttplates are measured from the stock side of the buttplate. If you have purchased an aftermarket Buttstock chances are greatly increased that you will have to refit and resize your Buttplate to the aftermarket’s dimensions. All of our Buttplates are molded from original OEM Buttplates. We have come to the conclusion that even a lot of the original OEM Buttplates do vary a little bit in measurements. When we measure our parts we burn an inch on the tape measure. For those of you that don’t know what that means (start at the 1 inch mark not the metal end for a more precise measurement). Measure, Measure, and Measure again…

If you are needing the white spacer material to make your own custom spacer, view all of our spacers here.

Do not order a buttplate without comparing the dimensions in the product title and description.  Some minor fitting is required with all buttplates. If your screw holes do not match you will have to drill new holes and fill the old holes in your stock with dowel rod. We do not accept returns on buttplates. There are many different sized buttplates for the same model of a particular firearm. Many of the older firearms are hand fit from the factory. It is impossible for each firearm of a particular model to have the same size buttplate. Some buttplates of a particular model may vary as much as 1/4″. If you are not comfortable with fitting or measuring your stock, take it to a competent gunsmith. That is what we are here for.

Warranty and Returns

If you’re having a problem with a part please email us first before starting a refund to resolve the issue. It can be difficult to stop the refund once it is started. We don’t want you to have to pay the return shipping on the item if it can be resolved another way.

By agreeing to purchase our parts, the buyer agrees to use a qualified certified licensed Gunsmith to install or fit to the buyer’s said firearm. Failure from the buyer to not use a certified Gunsmith voids the warranty of all our gun parts we produce and sell.  Failure to provide our company a copy of a work order receipt from a certified gunsmith also voids your warranty. No returns or refunds will be given unless a trained certified licensed gunsmith is used by the buyer for the installment of parts.

Due to the amount of folks not measuring their buttstocks we no longer offer returns or refunds on buttplates. The measurements are listed in the title and the description. Please measure your stocks for fitment.

If your item or items arrive broken please contact your local postal service for their warranty on the mishandled package they delivered to your door.

Emails can take up to 3 business days for a response from us. We will definitely answer you with a reply the best we can for your needs. We thank you for for your patience and business with us.