This is a new BLACK (NOT GREY) ABS plastic trigger guard with no molding lines  down the center of the guard. IT DOES COME WITH NEW SCREWS…This is a smooth finished part and they are buffed to a gloss finish.This triggerguard fits the models in the listing title.
IF YOU WANT A DIFFERENT COLOR CONFIGURATION ON YOUR PART OR YOUR INLAYS IN A DIFFERENT COLOR PLEASE SPECIFY YOUR COLOR COMBINATION WHEN YOU CHECKOUT OR PURCHASE YOUR ITEM. THE AVAILABLE COLORS ARE; CHOCOLATE BROWN, MILITARY OLIVE GREEN, BLACK, WHITE. (PLEASE NOTE ALL THE 2 DIMENSIONAL GRIP CAPS ARE NOT INLAID PIECES THEY ARE ONE SOLID PIECE BUT THE MAIN COLOR CAN BE CHANGED). Everyone has a different view on color combination so that is why we are offering this to everyone so you can make your firearm what you want it to be. If you do not message us at checkout we will just assume that is the exact color item you want in the main listing.